Sports Medicine Sports technology trends

Sports Medicine is working hard to keep players on the field or get them back on to the field as quick as possible. Certain programs will be able to do these type of things very soon.

In the world of sports there has been many injuries that has taken athletes off the field for short amounts of time, long amounts of time, and even some injuries have prevented athletes from being able to get back on the field and continue the sport that they love. There are new ways to help athletes get back on the field as soon as possible like; Injury Prevention Technology, Virtual Reality, Smart Phone Apps, and Wearable Technology.

In the link above it talks about different ways to detect injury and prevent it as well. Certain ways like injury detecting sensors that you wear on your body and radio frequency therapy will help detect the injury and will be able to recuperate the player faster then usual. Some companies are also working on Early Brain Trauma Detection, it will fit on the patients head and signal if there is a brain injury. It would enable quick treatment and prevent negative effects.

I picked this career because I love sports and I want to help athletes re-cooperate and become healthy after an injury. I want to help them achieve their goals and dreams, the coming up technology will help me and other people that work in sports medicine do this in the soon future.


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