How we can make J.R.C. a better place for refugees By: Andrew & Dayvid

A refugee is a person who has been forced to leave their national boundaries and who cannot return home safely. Another name for a refugee would be an asylum seeker who is not a refugee until granted refugee status by the country.

Under international law, refugees who left their home, can't be forced back to their countries they've fled from.

Often refugees are sometimes sent to a refugee camp were they are prevented to settle for a settlement build to help refugees live in a better place in their country.

Refugee settlement camp facts:

A refugee camp is a settlement built that helps refugees in refugee-like situations. Refugee camps accommodate displaced people that flee their home country.

Refugee camps are designed of basic human needs for only a short time. This a human crisis that may continue as long as citizens are forced to leave their country.

Refugee camp in Iraq.

Strategies for creating welcoming environments to refugees:

1.The best thing that schools can do to help create a welcoming and safe environment is to give them the time to be able to get used to the school.

2.Help them to be able to learn different things and the appropriate things to wear during different seasons and give them the food they need.

3.Focus on building trust, safety and positive reactions and community relationships.

Refugee children will have many questions. Educational learning can them find general answers, which will help them understand the journey the refugees have made and how they were able to come to Canada.

It takes time before the student is ready to share the story of their journey, and where they lived along the way. Help the children to be respectful and patient by creating a box where they can write down their questions to be answered over time. Look at picture books together, play games, learn their skills and talents, music and sports.

We could help refugees get used to our school by showing them around the school. For example: our school maker-space could be a good place to show them first. Also we could give them a chance to learn about the Ozo-Bot's & our Eve 3's we have in the maker-space.

All students need to know basics, which includes bathroom use, etc. These basic orientation items are important for creating a welcoming environment. Be sure to explain these things to your new students. Language visuals will help new students understand the school space.

Hope you enjoyed our presentation!!

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Dayvid Furlotte


Created with images by ell brown - "Rue de la Republique, Avignon - ruins - Temple Saint Martial" • DFID - UK Department for International Development - "An 'informal tented settlement' in Lebanon's Bekaa valley"

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