The Divine-Good Life Performane By Jacob Seidman

Me before I entered the theatre

The Spatial Experience- the theatre itself was a very different experience to me because I'm used to going to movie theatres. It's also the first time I've been to this kind of theatre since my freshman year of highschool. Unfortunately, due to the fact that I arrived just before the play started, I had to sit in the back rows. However, I was still able to see the play clearly from where I was. It was amazing how they changed scenes so quickly and converted the sets for the next part to look completely different from the set for the previous part.

Me in the line waiting to enter the theatre

Social experience- I attended the performance with another guy who I literally just met (he got in before I did). Before the performance started, I briefly educated myself about The Divine. I made friends with the guy I just met so that way I had someone to discuss the play with afterwards. Experiences that you share with others brings people together and forms connections trough different perspectives.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience- the central issue addressed in the performance was that Talbot, who is from a poor family, is on a journey to become a priest. I had become educated about the issues associated with poverty as it was the main issue of the play itself. The play changed my world view after watching how the town and it's occupants associated with others. I learned that the story itself was based on the artistic abilities as well as artistic significance of our great nation.

Me after the performance

Emotional Experience- the play really gives us a sense of how art is viewed and depicted in society. The performance itself was created to compare the two sides of the social structure; those who are wealthy and those who are in poverty. Christianity plays a role as well, and Katharine is depicted as one who releases secrets more, which is what we as individuals should do as well.

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