Winter 2020

Inside This Issue:
  • Customer Stories: AGCO customers share best practices about living their best lives on the land.
  • Agronomy Plus: Advice from experts for a tough year on the farm.
  • Trending: The road to recovery for damaged cropland.
AGCO customers share best practices about living their best lives on the land.

Farming On Demand

Is there such a thing as “double custom farming”? Because it seems like Robert Jantzi takes the idea at least one step further.

Custom farmer Robert Jantzi breaks into a quick, silent laugh when asked about his busiest time of year. “Spring. Summer. Fall,” he says, pausing for a smile between each word. He’s not pausing for much else these days.

A Custom Farming Fleet Featuring the Massey Ferguson 8730S

When it comes to custom farming, uptime is essential. That’s why a Massey Ferguson 8700S Series tractor fit this grower’s needs. SEE THE STORY >>

Building to the Big Leagues

This farm family takes a “Moneyball” approach to its operation.

When your farming operation is spread across five counties, getting from field to field is no easy feat. For the Barnard family, based in Foosland, Illinois, a roundtrip journey to check crops puts well more than 100 miles on the farm truck. They call it their “ring of fire.”

Fendt Tractors and White Planters: A Need Beyond Speed

A fortuitous planter upgrade helped an Illinois farming family save their growing season and change their equipment philosophy. SEE THE STORY >>

Our experts share solutions for getting the most from your equipment, and the most ROI.

Managing Crop Residue at Harvest and Beyond

Putting down an even cover of crop residue protects the soil surface and sets the stage for a healthy seedbed. It all starts with the combine.

How Does Your Crop Residue Measure Up?

You can estimate crop residue cover using these techniques between harvest and emergence of the next crop.

Topics that shape agriculture and your life on the land.

The Top 6 Questions About Growing Hay, Answered

Experts offer their advice on how to make the best haying decisions for your farm and finances.

Match Your Animals' Needs

Need help choosing a round baler? Here's a chart that will help, based on the livestock you keep. SEE THE STORY >>

Tips For Off-Season Farm Equipment Maintenance

When it’s time to roll, will your equipment be up to the task? AGCO experts offer tips for off-season overhauls.

Water In Winter

A frost-free fount eliminates chopping ice to water livestock when ponds, hoses and troughs are frozen.