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Promoting the Wellbeing of our school communities is a fundamental element of supporting a successful return to school as we continue to manage the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are living through exceptional times and this impacts on the Wellbeing of everyone in different ways, at different times. As you return to school we would like to show you some resources that might help you promote Wellbeing with your school Community.
Wellbeing Resources from NEPS

The National Educational Psychological Service (NEPS) have developed a Wellbeing Webinar and Toolkit for Primary Schools. The Toolkit comprises of a combination of NEPS developed materials and information collated from other acknowledged sources that promote natural resilience for all and recovery for those with additional educational needs.

Download the Wellbeing Toolkit here:


View the Wellbeing Webinar here:

HSE Active Playgrounds Resource

Having fun in school has never been more important, try these clapping, catching, skipping and dancing games to help children have fun playing in their pods at break time. Pick a new game every day, or let children explore the resource and choose themselves. Download it here https://www.getirelandactive.ie/Professionals/Education-/Primary/Resources/HSE-Get-Active-Playgrounds.pdf

Mental Wellbeing

HSE Stress Control

Stress Control is an evidenced based programme that teaches you practical skills to deal with stress. It might be of interest to your school staff or parents.

The free on-line programme has already been completed by approximately 10,000 people in Ireland. Go to www.stresscontrol.ie to take part.

The programme covers topics including:

• how stress affects our bodies and our thoughts,

• skills to overcome panicky feelings,

• and tips to getting a good night’s sleep.

This programme includes six modules which will be broadcast at scheduled times for 3 weeks. Modules will be broadcast on Mondays (repeated Tuesdays) and Thursdays (repeated Fridays), with each module running at 2pm and again at 8.30pm.

Go to www.stresscontrol.ie and subscribe at no cost to the YouTube channel so you will be updated when the next module will be broadcast.

Stress control will be rolled out again from the 5th October, so check www.stresscontrol.ie regularly for updates.

5 Ways to Wellbeing

5 Ways to Wellbeing describes practical and evidence based ways to look after our wellbeing. For trusted information on mental wellbeing visit www.yourmentalhealth.ie

Talking to children about death.

Death can be difficult to talk about, during our Zippy's Friends training teachers often ask us for advice about talking about death to children. Partnership for Children, an international children's mental health charity have produced this clip with practical and simple advice for talking to children about death and loss.

Safefood's Camapign, for parents. How to create a good bedtime routine for your child.

Safefood's latest campaign is aimed at supporting parents to create a good bedtime routine.

Regular bedtimes from an early age can help the quality of your child’s sleep throughout their childhood.

In this video, parenting expert Colman Noctor talks about why a regular sleep routine is so important for all the family.

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