Antoni Gaudí

Antoni Gaudí was born on June 25, 1852 Reus In the place of Catalonia on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. He had an interest in architecture so he went to go study in Barcelona, which was Spain's most modern city at that time. His studies were interrupted by military service, Gaudí then graduated in 1878 from the Provincial School of Architecture. He went to a school called Escoles Pies School and excelled in Geometry and Arithmetic and received traditional, religious, and humanist education. He was a son of Coppersmith and started learning about crafts in father's workshop in 1860. He studied also in workshop or carpenter, glassmaker and locksmith where he learned these crafts. Gaudí received his first qualifying official commission in Architecture in 1878. He took over the design of the Sagrada Familia in 1883 while working on other projects. He moved into the Gaudí House Museum in 1906. He was working on the temple for 43 years in 1926.

Gaudi attended , The Paris World's Fair of 1878 , he showed off his artwork that ha made himself. One person was impressed by his artwork which then led his artwork to the Guell Estate and Guell Palace, with others. He was charged with a Barcelona cathedral which is called , Basilica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia. Gaudi had begun a plan but he changed the design and had had a new plan that fit his own style. Antonio's design's began to be stylistic so he created a structure that was more balanced and with that it was able to stand on it own and being able to be bracing. The primary functional elements that were being used were. The 1888 World Fair was one of the era's major events in Barcelona and represented a key point in the history of the Modernisme movement. Leading architects displayed their best works, including Gaudí, who showcased the building he had designed for the Compañía Trasatlántica. He then received a commission to restructure the Saló de Cent of the Barcelona City Council, but this project was ultimately not carried out. This event was significant and memorable because, it was one of the first times Antoni Gaudi's works was truly recognized by someone. Not only was it just recognized, but it was scheduled to be rebuilt.

La Sagrada Familia

Gaudi's work included pattern brick stone and bright seramic tiles and also floral and reptilian metal. He created a salamander that is located in a park called Park Guell which is a representation of his art work. He abandoned almost every one of his art work in 1910 and focused more on the Sagrada Familia. In 1883 he began to cluster himself onsite and living on his workshop. He died on June 10, 1926 in Barcelona , Spain working on the Sagrada Familia. He got hit with a trolly car which caused his death, a few weeks almost on his 74th birthday. Only one of his four transet towers was built and soon the finishing date will be 2026 which will mark his 100th day of his passing.

Casa Vicens


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