Diamond in the Rough By cole o'brien

Her heels clicked and clacked against the cold, hard, and rough pavement in front of the alleyway.

There were two steps to the woman’s plan: first, take the diamond necklace; and second, make sure her victim wouldn't talk.

The brisk, blustering breeze flapped against the woman’s coat, causing her to shiver and clutch her purse closer as she debated leaving and giving up

No, she couldn't leave now.

Outside the shop next to the ally, a bell rang and an old man walked into the cold, evening air with a walking cane.

Tapping her foot anxiously, the woman straightened her back and turned to face the man.

The man, after all, was who she was going to help her get what she wanted.

“Mr. Duer, where have you been,” the woman asked icily

Mr. Duer, tired and frail, sighed heavily.

“Mr. Duer,” the woman repeated, “where have you been?”

The man said nothing, but instead reached into his pocket and pulled out a diamond necklace

The woman, who was shaking in anticipation, opened her purse and pulled out $100 in exchange for the necklace

The woman, who was shaking in anticipation, opened her purse and pulled out $100 in exchange for the necklace.

The woman turned around excitedly, for she had been wanting this necklace since October 8th, 2014

She walked past the old man and shop, enjoying the beautiful scenery of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The woman felt a sudden thwack on her head and heard a grizzly voice, “Goodbye, Ms. Watson

Outside, police sirens shrieked through the air, a walking cane slammed against the ground, followed by footsteps and the tinkling of a diamond necklace, and Ms. Watson took her last breath


Created with images by Lori L. Stalteri - "12.30.2010" • domeckopol - "beads pearl necklace women's shoes" • Katie Tegtmeyer - "No more words" • Snufkin - "bag brand business" • Giuliamar - "eye eyelashes face" • Leroy_Skalstad - "people homeless male" • Claudio Matsuoka - "Heels" • Pexels - "beautiful fashion girl" • slgckgc - "Icicles" • Leroy_Skalstad - "people homeless male" • ccPixs.com - "The Color of Money" • Nicholas_T - "Downgrade" • ThomasAlpha - "anonymous graffiti mask" • conner395 - "Orlando Police FL USA - Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor"

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