Rube Goldberg Machines PBL

During one of our B weeks here at Bio-Med, we were put into groups and we made Rube Goldberg Machines. Rube Goldberg machines use many steps to do one simple task. Our machines were inspired by OK Go's Needing/Getting machine. I have embedded their video below. Our machines had to make a noise with each step. Each group member made a piece of the machine and we put them all together at the end. We had to record our progress in our Engineering Notebooks and we had to use materials that we found in our houses. We were not allowed to buy anything for the machine. Then we had to record our machine in action and tag OK Go on Twitter. OK Go loved our videos and responded to us!

My group's machine used a jingle bell, spoons, a talking monkey head, and a tin can to make noise for each step. Our first step was Dominoes falling into the jingle bell and a marble. The marble then rolled down our track and ran through suspended spoons that clacked together. Then the marble knocked the monkey head off of the track. The monkey head was motion activated so it made monkey noises when pushed off the track. Then finally at the end the marble fell into the tin can and the impacted of the marble on the bottom of the can made a noise. The video of our machine is below.


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