Blessings Looking for the greatest gifts

It's easy to find blessings in your life when you become a parent and then a grandparent. I'm to young to be a grandparent! Well mentally, I'm to young to be one. Heck, I'm to young to be working mentally. Never-the-less, when becoming a parent you realize what loving another human being really feels like. I will not even attempt to explain, because it's not humanly possible to be able to express in any form of communication that would allow you to have that sensational feeling except to experience it. There is nothing you would not do to attempt to protect your children. To offer them all you can to give them what the need or guide them.

When the grand babies arrive, it's an entirely the same but in its own special way. You get to see your children's reactions to their child's birth and from the outside see them in that moment that amazing love be realized, in addition of the love you once again feel as if you were having your children all over again. With grand children, you are generally gained experience from raising your children and hopefully, from that experience are less likely to let the little things that you use to think were important, stressed about, building a career, etc. You realize that's what important is time. That time is a precious gift that has a shelf life. The date is not stamped anywhere, but you have discovered that it's but a fleeting moment, a flash of light, a blink of the eye. Just as you can't tell what love truly feels like, neither can you teach that our days are long, but our time is short.

Just as Jesus taught 2000 years ago "Three things will last forever--faith, hope, and love--and the greatest of these is love." As much as we love our children and grandchildren, I often think how much more does my father in heaven, who created me with His hands, who created the earth and all of its stars and universes. He created all the animals, everything. I can't begin to fathom the He has for His creations. His children. I am blessed!

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