Olivia Jaramillo FOR UTAH

I am Olivia Jaramillo. I aspire to be your State Representative for the Utah State Legislature, District 14. I greatly value my 20-year service in our U.S. Military, and I want to continue serving by representing the people’s true needs for the betterment of our state.

What Can I Do For You?

• Accurately represent Clearfield, Layton, and Syracuse at the State level, ensuring your ideas, opinions, your needs, directly influence our Legislature and progress in our community.

• Safeguard our families and values by ensuring the implementation of a fair tax reform for all Utahns. Bottom line, my job is making sure you don’t pay unnecessary taxes.

• Improve and maximize our children’s education. Our children are the future, we owe them the best opportunity at life so they can thrive!

• Protect our families’ wellbeing by bettering our air quality

• Help our Veterans, America is best when it takes care of those who have taken care of America.

• Preserve our constitutional rights to firearms and healthcare. Responsible gun ownership should not suffer for the ones that abuse this right.


• Community Involved as Chairperson for Communities That Care for the cities of Syracuse and Clearfield

Spearheaded the creation of the Davis County Multicultural committee

• Member of Syracuse City Architectural Review

• As an immigrant, I have come to value our community for what it is and its values: I do not want it to change!

• I have lived in this community for 15 years and plan to continue calling it home

• My military travels all over the world have shown me how to work with diverse communities and bring them together for progress

• I have a great track record working with all people in all political parties

By electing me as your representative, you will enable us to make important progress and ensure that your voice will be heard. You can make certain that you will never be out of the loop

Let's do this for Utah! contact us at: oliviaforutah@gmail.com


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