Eros's Love Bows and Arrows By: Quinn Eckert

So... say you find this really cute girl and you really like her, but she doesn't like you back! Come out to Eros's love bows and arrows and buy one. Then you can shoot the cute girl with your bow and arrow and she will instantly love you! But don't worry, the arrow will not hurt the cute girl!
Eros's love bow and arrows is ran by the company owner Eros and company financial owner Psyche, Eros wife. The business was passed down to Eros by his parents Aphrodite and Ares. His parents figured that this company would be great for Eros because he is the Greek God of Love.
All bows produced by our company have an engraved bow and arrow on them because Eros's symbol is a bow and arrow. All of the arrows that our company produce have a dove and hare engraved into them because they are Eros's sacred animals.
All of our bows and arrows are produced on Mt. Olympus, Eros's home. The manager of the facility that produces the bows and arrows is run by Hedone, Eros and Psyche's daughter.
The idea fro this business was created by Aphrodite and Ares after they heard the story about Eros and Psyche. The story is about how Psyche's sisters convince Psyche that a beast will kill her and Psyche goes off to kill the beast. When she realizes that the the beast is Eros, she is shocked and spills the oil from her lamp on Eros. Eros wakes up and says that she had betrayed him and their marriage and he stormed off hoping to never see Psyche again.
Psyche wandered the earth looking for Eros, but she could not find him. Psyche then realized that Aphrodite would probably know where he was because she was his mother. Psyche asked Aphrodite where Eros was and found out she had imprisoned Eros in a palace. Aphrodite gave Psyche three impossible task to complete. Psyche completed the first two, but was granted a very difficult third task.
Psyche was granted the task to go to the underworld and get the box containing the elixir of beauty. Psyche went and received the box, but instead of the elixir being in the box, it was Morpheus, the Greek God of sleep and dreams. Psyche was anxious to see what was inside the box so she opened it and instantly fell asleep.
When Eros found out that Psyche had been put to sleep, he ran away from the palace and begged Zeus to bring her back. Zeus was inspired by the love of the two that he brought her back and granted Psyche immortality.


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