Our Mission:

To connect young adults with meaningful & sustainable employment while sharpening their digital skill sets


TechWORKS provides free innovative programming across Vancouver Island

We provide training to young adults who want to sharpen their workplace digital skills and find pathways into BC's growing digital-based job market

Our teams coach participants to translate existing digital skill sets & experience into digital workplace skills


With TechWORKS You'll Receive

  • Individualized counselling & coaching
  • Essential Workplace Skills
  • Digital Skills Workshops
  • Job Search Skills
  • Work Experience/Work Placement

We Provide Training In

  • Resume & Cover Letter Building
  • Interview Skills
  • Web Content Creation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Design
  • Office Suite
  • File Storage & Organization

All with a goal of getting you employed

Obtain Employment Supports such as

  • Wage Subsidy
  • Transportation
  • Childcare
  • Disability Support
  • Short-term training (i.e. FoodSafe, First Aid etc.) & work gear
  • Textbooks, software and other course material
  • Work gear
  • Training allowance

Meet Tyler, a TechWORKS Alumni!

Connect Anywhere

Our web-based training provides participants in rural or urban communities with new opportunities in building their employability

We utilize webinar & video conferencing software to deliver training anywhere, whether it be the comfort of home or a library

Upcoming Sessions

  • January 20th 2020
  • March 9th 2020
  • April 27th 2020
  • June 15th 2020


  • For Young Adults between 17 - 29 years old
  • Currently unemployed or working in unsustainable employment (casual, part-time, or not financially sustainable)
  • Living anywhere on Vancouver Island
  • Canadian Citizen and/or legally entitled to work in Canada
  • Not currently a full-time student
  • Not participating in another provincially or federally funded labour market program

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In order to participate you will need:

  • Computer
  • Webcam
  • Ability to hear and communicate (i.e. microphone and speaker, headset etc.)
  • Internet access
  • A quiet place to participate in classroom activities

If you don't have access to a piece of equipment please let us know and our team can help

Phase 1 | Online Classroom

Six Weeks of Class

Week 1 | Getting to Know Yourself & the Digital World

Week 2 | Completing Your Marketing Documents

Week 3 | Social Media Marketing & Your Personal Brand

Week 4 | Hidden Job Market & Leads List Expansion

Week 5 | Communications, Interview Skills & References

Week 6 | Interview Skills, Starting a New Job & Wrap-up

Phase 2 | Work Experience, Wage Subsidy, Training &/or Job Search

12 Weeks of Continuous Job Development
  • Heightened support of the Job Development Team
  • Employment/ Wage Subsidy
  • Regular meetings to follow up with your progress, as needed

Up to Six Months of Additional Support if Required

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I have to miss a session for work, school, family emergency, or other commitments?

  • Participants will be expected to inform their facilitator in advance and make arrangement for material missed

How and what do I get paid for participating?

  • Each participant will receive a cheque biweekly (based on attendance)
  • For each full day of participation, one will receive a stipend of $25

What technology do I need in order to participate? And what happens if I don’t have the required technology?

  • Participants require a computer and webcam with internet access
  • A quiet space where you can talk freely without disruptions
  • If you do not have access, the TechWORKS team will work with you to help you obtain the necessary equipment

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Contact Info

Phone | 250-741-8116

Toll-Free | 1-877-714-0471

Email | techworks@ethoscmg.com

Mailing | 202-155 Skinner Street, Nanaimo V9R 5E8


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