5A11-The White House By:Micky Joyce February 22,2017

In 1791 George Washington selected a site for the White House to be built on. In 1819 Thomas Jefferson founded the University of Virginia. In 1826 Millard Fillmore married his old teacher. In 1865 Andrew Johnson was drunk during his inauguration. In 1866 Ulysses S. Grant got a speeding ticket on a horse.

The Game Room

The Game room is located towards the front of the third floor. In the game there is a pool table and multiple historical photographs.

It became a game room when George H.W. Bush was in office and has been one ever since. The game room is a place where the president can relax after a long days work.

The Bowling Alley

In the basement of the North Portico the White House features an one lane bowling alley.

The first lanes were given to president Truman as a birthday gift. Although he did not care for bowling he allowed his staff to set up a league.

When Mrs. and Mr. Nixon moved in the bowling alley was a situation room so they put in a new lane in the basement.

The Chocolate Room

The chocolate room is used for big events the make large amounts or large chocolates. The main pastry chef is Chef Roland Mesnier and has been for over 25 years and may retire soon.It is located on the ground floor by the basement hall.

Fun Facts About the White House

  • Very little of the actual White House remains, after the British army burnt it down nearly all of it was gone or burnt.
  • There are 147 windows in the White House
  • There are 28 fire places in the White House.
  • There are 3 elevators in the White house
  • There have been 8 presidents that were left handed that ever became presidents of the U.S.A.


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