Antigone Film Review by Hannah Clark

This film had a lot of intensity and the director made it incredibly well. The actors that were cast for this film made it better to watch. The whole setting of the movie was well thought out and followed the original play perfectly.

The actress who played Antigone, Jennifer Lawrence, portrayed her perfectly. The emotions she displayed made it seem like she was actually going through the situation herself. Throughout the whole movie, she showed how Antigone really felt about the situation.

The actor who played Creon, Robert Pattinson, also displayed excellent expressions and feelings. He made it seem like he had actually been in the situation with Antigone. Lawrence and Pattinson had incredible chemistry on camera and worked very well together on this film.

The contemporary change on this film really made it easier to understand and to watch. The director managed to add a contemporary twist but also kept the original style of the play. The film captured the true dispute between Antigone and Creon and added a new perspective on the situation.

The reason I thought that this film should be recognized was because the film had the capability to maintain the originality and add a modern twist. This film is also very intriguing and very exciting to watch. Overall, this film was very good to watch and was very well directed and acted.


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