Tattoos on the Heart Project By tyler guetTerman

Preface and introduction: in this, they say the story of the beginning of homeboy industries. They had different ideas, such as homeboy plumbing, that didn't work out. They also had homeboy bakery and homegirl cafe, which both were successful. My favorite story from this was when Father Greg told Sharks how brave he is and he said he will tattoo that on his heart. This shows just how much love can change a person and having faith in yourself is very important.

Chapter 1: God, I guess. This chapter shows that if people go through hard things, it can be easy to turn away from God. Instead, we should look to God for help through difficult times. I like the story of Willy. He is a gang member and Greg tells him to pray. He prays and realizes god is there and cares about him and he is perfect in gods eyes.

Chapter 2: Dis-grace. This chapter talks about people who have shame. Shame makes you addicted to things and can make you do bad things because you think you are a disgrace. In the story of a boy named lefty, his father beats his mother a lot. They are a poor family and lefty doesn't have much clothes. One day, he pulls a gun on his dad in protection of his mom. This shows he is not ad disgrace and is a great boy who protects who he loves.

Chapter 3: compassion. The theme is compassion. We must show compassion to others to receive compassion from others. The story of betito is where betito is a young boy who is 12 years old. He is very energetic and him and G call each other the real deal. He is shot and later dies. His special connection with father G really made it sad when he dies. He showed compassion for others and this is what we should all try to do, even if we don't have the best life or best opportunities, like betito.

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