I Hear America Singing TJ Yates

I hear America singing, the agitated carols I hear,

Those of teachers, each one yelling their song at the students to keep them quite

The janitor grumbling his song as he cleans the lunch room

The students crying their song as they walk through the school doors

The deans yelling their song as soon as the students enter their office

The lunch ladies groan their song as soon as lunch time comes around

The principle murmurs his song as he has to deal with everything in the school

The students angrily sing their song once again as they accept their homework from all of the days classes

each one sings their song as they get agitated

The day what belongs to the day - at night the party of the rude young fellows, and unfriendly

singing with open mouths their strong unmelodic songs.


Created with images by Unsplash - "usa flags stars and stripes" • Tobyotter - "Christmas Carolers" • Micah Sittig - "Teacher" • ttarasiuk - "IMG_0658" • US Department of Education - "LEEHS 25" • University of the Fraser Valley - "India 2-334"

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