Using the Instructional Video Studio Why and How?


  • Learn why it is important to use video to distribute information to students outside of class
  • Learn best practices for generating online videos

Question: what is the benefit of generating your own video content?

Some of the benefits

  1. Frees up class time for discussion or in depth analysis of topics
  2. Allows students to watch the content multiple times, stop, and rewind.
  3. Provides another avenue to let students get to know you.
  4. Research shows this benefits minorities, first generation, women and underrepresented populations most.

Question: What have you done in the past to utilize video or content outside of class?

Some suggestions

  1. Make it simple and easy for students to access the content (YouTube, Vimeo, Spark, Camtasia)
  2. Make videos short and to the point (4-6 minute micro lectures)
  3. What to include in short videos: foundational knowledge, lab techniques, worked through examples (science), real life applications of the topics covered in class and images you annotate.
  4. If you are going to require students to be accountable to watching videos, there should be motivation behind it. (accompanied short quiz, link to pre-class discussion boards, and not repeating the exact same material in class)

What does the Instructional Video Studio have?

  1. One Button Studio
  2. Learning Glass
  3. Green Screen
  4. White screen to annotate images
  5. Lav mic

What does the process look like?

  1. Generate content / outline for video - if it seems it will be too long, break up into a multi-part series.
  2. Schedule a time to use the IVS (https://calendly.com/ietl)
  3. Prepare IVS for your specific needs
  4. Edit the video (Adobe Premiere, Adobe Spark, Windows Story Remix, Final Cut Pro)
  5. Share the video (YouTube, Vimeo, Spark...)

What can you do now?

  1. Make an introduction video for the semester to your students.
  2. Schedule time to use the IVS.
  3. Get ahead - prepare videos before the semester begins to be used throughout the semester.
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