An Ordinary Girl on an Adventure Jazzmine Little

Hello, my name is Jazzmine. This is the story about how I was chosen for the journey of a lifetime. It was one early Friday morning at Clemson University, I was walking to my biology class. For the record, I did not want to go to that class. I am pretty sure you can guess why, but if you can't the reason why is very simple. I dreaded going to biology because not only did I have a test that morning, but I also didn't get enough sleep the night before. As I was walking, it was just my luck that I didn't see this huge, deep hole right in front of me. There were scratches and cuts all on my hands and knees. The hole I feel into was made of brick on the inside and it looked like a tunnel that had been built a long time ago.

I decided to continue through the tunnel and as I continued to walk through I heard the sound of water. When I got closer to the end of the tunnel, there was a bight light shinning through. I stepped through the tunnel and was mesmerized by the beautiful place before me. I had never encounter such an exquisite scenery.


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