The Electromagnetic Spectrum by: Whitney adams

Radio Waves

  • Radio waves have the longest wavelengths and the lowest frequencies.
  • often used to transfer data.


  • have the highest frequencies.
  • microwaves do not heat up your food the are used for phone communication.

Infrared Rays

  • the wavelengths are shorter than radio waves.
  • you can feel the energy and it feels like heat.

Visible Light

  • higher frequencies than infrared rays
  • the longer cooler appear red and the shortest appears violet.

Ultraviolet Rays

  • higher frequencies then visible light.
  • it can damage or kill living cells.


  • the wavelengths are shorter than ultraviolet rays.
  • can make an images of bones.

Gamma Rays

  • they are the shortest wavelengths plus the highest frequencies.
  • they have the highest amount of energy.



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