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Plateau of Tibet

Are you afraid of heights? Well if not come visit the Plateau of Tibet in Qinghai,China. It has an average elevation of over 16,000 feet, an area of 965,300 and is the highest plateau in the world! It also supports over 37,000 glaciers. It is constructed from fragments of countinets that piled on the geologic plate.

Mount Everest

Have you ever climbed a mountain before? Come climb Mount Everest, it is the highest mountain in the world. It's located in Mahalangur section of the Himalayas. Everest is sixty million years old and grows about a quarter of an inch each year. Everest is formed by the movement of Indian tectonic plates pushing up against the Asian plate. The rocky summit is covered with tons of deep snow each year. Bring your winter jackets and come explore Mount Everest .

Taklimakan Desert

The Taklimakan Desert is one of the largest deserts in the world. The area of the desert expands out 600miles from West to East. The Taklimakan desert is also known as the "place of ruins" or "the sea of death". But don't get to comfortable in your summer gear because it also snows at The Taklimakan Desert.

North CHina Plain

The North China plain is built up along the shore of the Yellow River. It is also known as the Yellow Plain. The North China Plain covers 158,000 square miles of land. Bring your kids and come let them burn off all their energy.

Gobi Desert

Did you know that the Gobi desert is the fifth largest desert in the world? The temperatures there range from -40-122 degrees Fahrenheit. One of the most important tree there is the saxaul tree, it is one of the only sources of water in the desert. The smallest animal in the desert is the jerboa. It is a tiny cute rodents. Also the jerboa has an enemy, the golden eagle, living for almost 18 years in the wild. So come enjoy the desert.

Chang Jiang River

Chand jiang river is the longest river in Asia and China, and is the third longest in the world! It extends from 2,000 miles from West too East and more than 600 miles from North too South. The Chang Jiang river flows in one country and the upper part flows across the plateau of Tibet and goes though deep valleys in the mountains. The lower part of the river goes through the low plains of east central China. Come take a dip in the Chang Jiang river.

Haung He River

The Haung He River is China's second longest river and stretches 3,400 miles long. It gets its name from the large amounts of silt in the water. It also flows through seven provinces and the mouth of it is the bohai sea. Come visit the Haung He River to see a magnificent sight.

Bay of bengal

The Bay of Bengal is the largest bay in the world! It stretches a 1,000 miles wide and has an area of 838,600 miles. It is bordered by Sri Lanka and India to the West, Bangladesh to the north, and Myanmar ( Burna ) and the Northern part of the Malay Peninsula to the East. Also the Bay of Bengal is known as the arm of the Indian Ocean.

Dead sea

The Dead Sea is bordered Jordan to the East and by Israel and Palestine to the West. The Dead Sea has the lowest elevation and the lowest body of water on the surface of the ocean. The ocean is 3.5 dissolved crystals. Also with the banks that are more than 400 m below sea level.


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