World Vision - Diary Cover Design 2018




World Vision - A Christian Organisation that overcomes poverty and injustice that works with the community, children and families.


Targeted to those who focus on giving people opportunities to alleviate the elimination of poverty and improvement to living. Primarily focused on children and to those who assist in community development. Financial donors such as the government and overseas aid.


To provide record, whether it's for personal history, events/experiences or feelings for the source of comfort and support. It is to spread awareness of suffering and the improvement of lives around the world by giving a helping hand.


To be used in the World Vision Office, or can be purchased or be given to from their website. Can also be seen by sponsors and people that engage towards World Vision.


Constraints are restrictions. In this diary, there will be many Constraints. Time; must be completed in a certain time frame. Technology; Images must be as high definition as possible, Colours must be CMYK, file 300dpi and no more than 8mb.




In 1947, an American missionary called Dr Pierce helped people who had no food, clothing, shelter or medicine. Beginning to raise funds to expand and continue his work in Asia, the strength of the community led to World Vision which founded in September 1950. From there, World Vision Australia established in 1966 created wide operations to meet needs for refugees in Indochino and for people in Bangladesh and several African countries recovering from disasters. In the 1970-80s their focus broadened to a more collaborative relationship as well as assisting an individual child or community development.


Offers a variety of volunteer opportunities, to become ambassadors for child sponsorship or assist with special events. People who are benevolent will identify the youngsters and are unequivocally headed to help them out of cruel and hopeless conditions.


By educating, inspiring and equipping you to make a difference in the world can be made by purchasing from a range of books and merchandise.

Japser Coffee, Book: Not for Sale, Book: Give a Man a Fish.

Gifts for family and friends can be purchased to give the chance to families and communities in need. This represents the activities your donation could support.

Immunisation: $25, Clean Water: $60, Train a Teacher: $125






Mood Board

Through the use of this mood board consisting images, colours, typefaces, colour pallet and word cloud, the diary cover will make use of this and generate different concepts from this inspiration. It represents the idea's to eventually be put together for the final design.


These 8 sketches delivered within over a minute were rushed, however provides an idea and inspiration to generate different concepts for the final diary cover.

A visualised final idea making use from the mood board and sketches is to create a diary cover that is cartoon like, using block art that is used for the whole design. The world vision logo including the star, an image of a the globe and children figures or a community will be placed on the front cover and on the back cover to include statistics of children, families or communities that are dealing with poverty around the world and state ways to help sponsor a child or to give to the community.


Several uses of design elements such as shape/volume, colour, tone and type are planned to be used for the design concept. Design principles such as emphasis, balance, rhythm and proximity will too be implemented in the design. Achieving the diary cover will contain a minimal yet informing design through the use of colour and space.

Concept development and refinement

Testing different media, materials and methods will help produce designs ensuring a rough draft of the final. Playing around with techniques to create block art on the images and typography for the texts and colour can help create an eye catching design for the audience and layout displayed for both front and back covers.

Experimenting with the design elements and principles will have a major impact on the aesthetic and functional features creating improvements for the front and back covers to reflect upon each other, whether it be two different designs or connecting with each other.

The final concept will will ensure all aspects of the design brief in terms of purpose, context, audience and constraints is considered by delivering the awareness of world vision and showcasing to the intended user for it's effectiveness. Making sure it is suitable and displays the right image of World Vision.

The design is in a working progress however refinements needed to fulfil the design brief are to implement feedback upon designs and issue that to the final and deliver all aspects of the design brief into final concept.



The final diary concept consists of the World Vision logo placed on the front cover to display its chosen charity organisation, as well as the 2018 Diary placed in the centre. A simple yet strong quote 'Help us make it better' is shown on the bottom back cover and a word cloud of the world is placed on the background of both the front and back cover.

The elements and principles of design have a major impact on the cover as elements such as colour being minimal with shades of white and black however orange being the major factor of the design depicting the charity organisation and '2018 Diary' relationship. The form of the word cloud as the background listing words relating to World Vision and the diary is three-dimensional as it creates the words to pop out and the shape of the world map shows the connection between World Vision. The principles of design such as emphasis displays the contrast of colours, orange and black/grey and white, creating a visual interest of the sophisticated design and focal point of the charity organisation with its message it conveys. The design displays a balance of its features and a sense of movement throughout the design by creating a direction of the word cloud of a world map.

This diary cover design displays a visual interest of the charity organisation 'World Vision' through its simple and sophisticated look that delivers a important message to its donators to further help and create a better environment.


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