#phsSPIRIT Week Monday - Pajama Day

On Monday, students wore pajamas to school to participate in #phsSPIRIT Week.

Onesies were a popular outfit choice for the day.

So were flannel pants and robes.

Pajama Day was a perfect excuse for students to sleep through class.

The 2017 Homecoming Queens were introduced during the pep rally

As well as the class games including the lip sync competition. The English and math departments demonstrated how the dance performance should be done.

Following the pep rally, the theatre department had a rehearsal for its fall play, 12 Angry Jurors.
Wearing Batman sleep pants on Monday, she could also be ready for Thursday when it is Hero Day.

#phsSPIRIT week runs through Friday. The parade and dance will be held on Saturday.

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Photos used with permission by students that tagged their posts with #phsSPIRIT on Twitter and Instagram.

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