Fort Menendez By: Eva

Wow! I never knew how people lived back then. So I went back in time to find out . I learned about Pioneer School, Archeology, and the Native Americans. Fort Menendez was one of my favorite parts of St. Augustine.
First, I learned about the Pioneer School. They used feathers and ink to right with because back then they didn’t have pencils. They also used big paddles with holes in them to practice weaving. They practiced weaving in case of emergency and to make their clothes. They also used the paddle for discipline. If the student was misbehaving the teacher would spank the student with the paddle. The discipline was very serious.The Pioneer School would put the girls on one side of the room and the boys on the other side of the room. The boys discipline was that the boys would have to wear a girly apron and stand in front of the girls for the rest of the day. The girls discipline was that the teacher would put a nail in the wall and tie the girls hair around the nail so that the girl would have to stand on her tippy toes.
Next, I learned about Archeology. I learned that when the Native Americans lived they would take things (called artifacts) and make them into things they could use (now called ecofacts). Today people find things that were used back then like clay and pottery and many more things. Archeologists find out things that the Native Americans might have used, like a canoe that was lost in a river for thousands of years.
Finally, I learned about the Native Americans. The Native Americans had to make their own clothes, make their houses, and hunt for their own food. I learned that the Native Americans were very healthy. They grew their own crops and hunted for meat which made them very strong. They would work all day to stay wealthy. I learned that all their rooms in their houses were outside, not like the houses we have today. They had a room where the kids slept, a room where the parents slept, a meeting room, a guest room, and many more rooms.
I learned a lot in Fort Menendez and it was tons of fun. I hope I visit Fort Menendez again.My trip to St. Augustine.

My trip to St. Augustine...

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