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As i write this i have 21 snapchat notifications, 3 instagram, 2 facebook, 12 messenger, and 3 texts. u may think that’s a lot, but at times i have double that, or maybe even triple. I’m not going to lie, I’m obsessed w my phone. i have 50 snapchat streaks, don't worry i'm extremely embarrassed to say that. i have 1,167 instagram followers and 256 on my finsta alone. i don't like if i get less than 300 likes on my instagram pictures. i am basic, i am caught up in stereotypes, i'm purely obsessed w social media. Now this has many effects, some negative some positive.

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Teenagers have created this world, this world where there are very specific standards u must meet in order to be socially accepted.

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from ella simko and juliette mabie

Basically, if u want to be popular, and pretty, and liked, and cool, and all that, this is what u have to do:

1) u have to have instagram, and u have to get a certain amount of likes depending on ur “social status” or “group value” (disgusting and demeaning ikr) But i mean there are 50 million monthly users so it can't be that hard to get likes right?

2) Have snapchat, and snapchat everyone, but not personally; simply send mass snaps to all ur “streaks” in order to keep them, no need to actually communicate with them, i mean it's all about the image of having a streak anyways, isn't it? Because i mean Snapchat is now used more than facebook, and is now valued to be worth more than $33 billion, yes i just said thirty three BILLION dollars.

3) u must must have facebook friends, which also can't be that hard since stats show that facebook is the most used social media platform, with 1,860,000,000 monthly visitors. u of course need a punny album name and don't forget ur senior name once college apps come in (cause u ofc couldn't have those colleges see ur facebook, not sus at all)



“What time is practice today?”

Social Media is our new world, i participate in social media, honestly to be in the know of everything that’s happening. Its how we find out the news, the weather, the drama.

Along with having these social media accounts, comes a lot of social pressure. Social media accounts have shown increases in the user's anxiety levels. Being under pressure to meet societies standards. People depend on likes as a source of validation. This can lead to anxiety in order to meet these expectancies. i bet u didn’t know that 1 in 3 teens, test positive for anxiety, and 8.3% of those are diagnosed with severe anxiety.

With pictures of models all over, this often leads to self deprivation, and judging of one’s self image as well.

We’re trying to meet the standards, and to simply fit in.

But, with all these pictures of what we should be, and being unable to meet them becomes an issue. People begin to judge those who can’t meet the standard, or fill out the mold.

They begin to make fun, and call people names. It’s this thing called cyber bullying, maybe u’ve heard of it? u probably have since, 23% of teens have experienced some form of cyberbullying, and 15% have admitted to cyberbullying someone else.

But it's not that bad right just log off and, BAM u escaped the bullies. No, that's not how it works, there's no escape; no out. u become addicted and need to know the horrid things people are saying about u. 9.1% of the teen population entered a depressed time in the past year. That's 2.2 million people dressed in only a year. And 5-6% of those teens attempt suicide.

157,000 kids are treated in emergency departments for self induced wounds. Suicide is now the third leading cause of death in teens.

It starts with a comment, which leads to more comments, if everyone's doing it u should join in on calling that girl a slut too right? Well truth is what ur penalizing that person for what is most likely a rumour, and ur most likely ruining their life, and maybe even causing them to end it.

So don't call that person ugly, or a loser. Don’t care about the amount of likes u get. Dont compare urself to others, because ur only seeing their highlights. Do u ever post pictures of ur worst days or when u had that big zit on ur forehead? I'm going to guess u don't. So when u see urself in ur lows, remember that model, has their lows too.

Just be u, and dont let anyone take your happiness away from you.

#postdontroast #stopcyberbullyingtoday

lets #like4like not #like4life

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sus= suspicious/suspect


ikr=i know right

ofc=of course

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