Lord of the Flies A digital Journal

What dangers do you see as a person stranded on this deserted island. Be specific and explain your answers.

Dangerous of being on the island include not knowing where resources you need would be located and you could starve or get dehydrated. There could be dangerous animals or other things that could attack. If the person on the deserted island has a medical condition they may not be able to treat it the correct way and their health could be at serious risk. If someone on the island got hurt in any way they might not be able to treat the wound properly and there could be other infections a person could contract, they might get sick. The shelter might not be strong enough to protect from outside forces and there might not be enough food to last anyone on the island long enough.

Create a list of characters from the novel The Lord of the Flies and add details about them using textual evidence from the novel.

  • Ralph- 12 years old (10), fair (8), arrogant (didn't ask piggy his name (11), Chief(23)
  • Piggy-shorter then Ralph (7), Very fat (7), wears spectacles (7), has asthma (9), Indignant
  • Jack- Tall, thin, bony (20), Has red hair (20), light blue eyes(20), Mean(Called "piggy" fatty at first (21), Leader of the choir (23)
  • Simon-Skinny (24), vivid boy(24), Straight hair black and coarse (24)
  • Sam and Eric- twins,chunky and vital,bullet-headed and had hair like tow(19)
  • Roger- Furtive (22),keeps to himself an with inner intensity of avoidance and secrecy (22)

Type the rules we created as a classroom from the board. This is something we will return to. In the meantime, pick the rule you find most important (from the ones we created) and explain why that rule, above all others is most important on this island.

  1. Travel in two or more
  2. Don't go out at night
  3. Share resources
  4. Clean up after yourself
  5. Communicate effectively
  6. Do your job
  7. Do not kill each other

The most important rule would be that people on the island would have to communicate effectively with each other or chaos could arise and if they did this they could have a system of order. It is more important than the other rules because most of the other rules might have exceptions that allow them to be broken and if this rule isn't followed it could lead to dire consequences.

One of the themes of this novel is survival. Explain why the setting of this story adds to or contributes to the theme.

The setting of the Lord of the flies contributes greatly to the theme of the story. The story's setting takes place on a unknown island with only young boys left to fend for themselves with no adults. They have to learn to make their own shelters, gather food,and do things they would normally do. The boys also have to find a way to get rescued and have nothing happen to them again until they do,some of the other children also believe there is a beast on the island so that is another challenge the boys face to be able to survive. The many challenges that come with survival on a unknown island makes survival a major focal point of this story.

Ralph has said, “This is a good island” (Golding 35). Ralph’s pronouncement will prove ironic; it is definitely NOT a good island. This is an example of foreshadowing. What problems do readers already know about? Explain why these problems prove this is NOT a good island after all.

There are many things that indicate that this isn't a good island such as the fact that the child with the mulberry-colored birthmark died in the fire and before he died he said there was a beast on the island. They have had terrible luck on the island such as the fact that being on it leads to a lot of trouble for everyone on it and they missed there chance of being rescued off of it and many times Ralph has said something such as the rock island connected isn't a good place maybe indicating something will or has occured there.

Symbols are physical things that represent abstract ideas. The following are some of the symbols from the novel The Lord of the Flies.

  1. Simon represents goodness on the island
  2. Smoke is the representation of being rescued the boys wanted to make a fire and needed the smoke to be seen by a ship and be rescued
  3. Meat symbolizes temptation because instead of keeping the fire going the boys go out to catch a pig to have meat.
  4. The conch represents law and order so whoever has the conch is the person allowed to speak and everyone else listens
  5. The island represents isolation because there are only young boys on it and no adults or any other people then them.
  6. The platform represents democracy because its were they hold all their assemblies
  7. Painted faces represent anonymity because when jack put on the mask he could be someone different.
  8. Piggy represents civilization
  9. Piggy's glasses represent survival

Describe the Beast that seems to be stalking the island. Use the text as backup for your info.

The beast described on the island is a creature that appears mostly to the llittluns and is creature that comes out at night and it causes many of the kids to have nightmares about it and scream during the night. Percival says the beast comes from the water and Phil describes it as something big and horrid. Sam and Eric thought the beast was a creature with wings, teeth, and claws that was following them. Many of the older kids believe that the beast isn't real or when they had an assembly they believed it could be a ghost or the only other thing that could be that frightening is people.

Name at least two things the boys are doing or have given up that show how they are now operating on instinct and no longer trying to follow the rules of society. Explain your answers with information from the text.

Some of the boys are going out at night and some are not traveling in two or more as they should be such as Simon who went out at night alone to go to a place he knew. Some of the other boys are not keeping clean or cleaning up after themselves for example when they designated a spot for them to use as lavatory many of them didn't use it and went wherever they wanted to go. Also many of the boys are not doing there jobs and are doing whatever they please for example when they had to build shelters there was only three one that they all built, the second one that only four people built and the last one that Simon and Ralph built.


Two rituals people are most familiar with are weddings and funerals. Pick an event (a wedding or a funeral). Make a list of at least 3 phrases people use at the event you picked. Using one of your phrases, explain why your phrase is helpful in the situation.

  1. "You may now kiss the bride"
  2. "Does anyone object or have any reason to why these two should not be married"
  3. "Do you take this man/women to be your lawfully wedded wife or husband" or "I do" that usually follows.

Rituals are ceremony's held to celebrate or morn a significant event. Weddings are a ritual that most people are familiar with and they have many phrases commonly used throughout all or many ceremony's. A wedding occurs when there are two or in some cases more than two people who decide to promise to each other to love one another or have another reason to wed. One phrase that is commonly used is do you take this man or women to be your lawfully wedded husband or wife, this phrase is very helpful. This is one of the most important phrases in the ceremony because of how much could be affected by it. When they ask this "I do" is what usually is supposed to be followed by it but in some cases it isn't. Its very helpful because it gives the person a chance to keep going and promise themselves to one another or to not go through with it because off any reason they may have. There are many phrases that could also so do this such as does any one object or have any reason these two should not be married. This is also a interjection but isn't as important because it comes from a guest or someone who is witnessing the wedding not from the actual bride or groom who's reason could be greater than any other. This or the "I do" that should come after it are the most important phrases used in this ritual.

Choose a character, either Ralph or Jack and explain the effect seeing the Beast has on the character you have chosen. Use textual information to support your answer.

There are many different events that occur in the story to help propel it further, to keep the reader entertained, and show how characters can be affected by them. In "Lord f the Flies" By William Golding Jack and Ralph both go up to the mountain and see what they think is the beast. Ralph is affected differently then Jack, Ralph is more terrified. He is scared to go up the mountain or to go into the forest to get wood for the fire they're making near the platform. Ralph doesn't want to go up the mountain to see the beast because he doesn't think that they could take on the beast. "What about my hunters?""Boys armed with sticks (Golding 125)". Jack and Ralph's reaction to seeing the beast shows how the two characters differ when exposed to a terrifying situation. The terrifying situation shows how the character was affected and shows how this event could have an impact on how the rest of the story will transpire.

Retell in your own words what has happened to Simon. Use textual evidence to help you create a vivid paragraph.

Accidents can occur where a person may end up getting injured or killed. In "Lord of the Flies" by William Golding there are occasions where a character has gotten hurt such as Jack or the kid with the mulberry-colored birthmark. During the boys dance Simon walked in and the boys accidentally murdered him. Simon had just had a nose bleed and had passed out in his spot in the clearing when he went up the mountain and saw the parachuters body decaying and he untangled him from the rock. He then went to go through the woods to tell the boys there wasn't a beast but he went at a bad time and the boys were doing the dance during a storm at night, the circle they had open up to a horseshoe shape and Simon coming out of the forest walked inside."The circle became a horseshoe. A thing crawling out of the forest. It came darkly, uncertainly. The shrill screaming that rose before the beast was like a pain.The beast stumbled into the horseshoe(Golding 152)".The boys scared thought it was the beast and started beating him while chanting a"Kill the beast! cut his throat! spill his blood! Do him in!". All Simon wanted to do was inform the boys that there wasn't a beast on the island "It was crying out against the abominable noise, something about a body on the hill (Golding 152)". Accidents that occurred in the story help to show how the boys have now turned into savages and now the dead of Simon will have a great effect on the rest of the story.

In life people create groups. These groups might be at school, in sports, in extracurricular activities, and through religious organizations. Explain what needs groups fill for people. Explain both the positive and negative aspects of being part of a group. You may relate this to our novel, or you may make it a person reflection of your own experience.

Groups are very important things that are good but can also be bad. In " Lord of the Flies" by William Golding there are two groups that were formed on the island. In groups you may do things you wouldn't normally do alone but being in a group may also be helpful in someways, groups help some people feel safe and cause a sense of unity among people. In the novel whenever the boys felt scared or something they would do their dance but that was also a bad thing because they got distracted it became overwhelming and they ended up killing Simon. A positive aspect of being in a group was that the boys were able to take care of the fire longer than if it was just one person tending to it. Whenever the boys were scared of the beast fear is what they wanted to avoid,they wanted to have a sense of power. Jack used this because he would remind them of the beast in order to be leader of the group so he gave them a sense of power and made them be less afraid. "And then-about the beast .."I say this. We aren't going to bother about the beast "( Golding 133). Groups in the story were very important aspects of how the story was developed by the people that were in them and what occurred because of them.

“Which is better - to have rules and agree, or to hunt and kill?”

Using this quote, take a stand. Pick a side and explain why your decision is best on this island here at the end of Chapter 11. Don’t forget to use textual evidence to support your answer.

To have rules and agree, or to hunt and kill are important decisions that have a powerful impact in novels and in real life. In "Lord of the Flies" by William Golding it showcases the impacts of both decisions made by the characters. In the end the best choice would have been to have rules and agree, be more civilized and act more sensible. Jack focused more on having fun and hunting and killing pigs he became a savage and ended up having to do with the death of Simon and Partly Piggy. Ralph was more civilized acted more sensible and focused on rules in the end which was dangerous because jack didn't like this and ended up wanting to hunt Ralph, he did have partial blame for the death of Simon but this was because he wasn't acting civilized and was acting like the other boys savages. In the end of the novel Ralph was able to take responsibility for what happened while some of the boys had gotten disconnected from who they were before and what they were able to do before."Now tell us whats your name?"" Percival Wemys Madison. The Vicarge, Harcourt St. Anthony , Hants, telephone, tele-"(Golding 86). "I'm, I'm-" but there was no more to come Percival Wemys Madison sought in his head for an incantation that had faded clean away"(Golding 201). In the end to have rules and agree was the most important that had them make the most progress.

"Which is better-to have rules and agree, or to hunt and kill?"( Golding 180)

Summaries are the major ideas and events of a book in a short explanation that help a person figure out what a book was mostly about. In "Lord of the Flies" by William Golding there are many important places that are described in the book, in the photo above it showcases part of the island which the boys are trapped on and the other island near it. The picture shows were most of the important events have occurred such as the death of Piggy and Simon, the quote summarizes a main point in the story. The first half of the story is how the boys are trying to keep order and get rescued and then the rest is how jack makes a tribe that goes hunting for pigs and ignores the rules of civilization that then leads to key events that occur later on. The story kept developing throughout it was changing as the characters spent more time there the quote represents this by the two sides that were seen in the book. The picture of the two island also represents this because they went from civilized people who had rules and were scared of the beast to savages who were capable of killing and hunting one another. "Jack was on his feet. "We'll have rules!" he cried excitedly. "Lots of rules!Then when anyone breaks 'em-"(Golding 33)."High overhead, Roger, with a sense of delirious abandonment, leaned all his weight on the lever...the monstrous red thing bounded...struck piggy...piggy fell forty feet and landed on his back across the square red rock in the sea"(Golding 181). The two island are the most important aspects in the book because of what occurred while the boys where on them alone.


The novel is very surprising in the sense that its constantly changing and the development of the characters throughout it.The events that have occurred are surprising and making it stand out from the normal.Its very interesting because of the amount of symbolism in it and it's one of the best books to read. The best way to get through the book is when Mrs. Lyda reads the novel because of how well she explains it and how she points out when there is foreshadowing. Reading it on your own is nice but sometimes important information can be missed throughout. The blog is fun in the aspect that you can choose pictures that display what is happening and you get to use information to understand and predict events that will occur or have already happened. The involvement of doing the blog and answering the questions asked are fun and really help to keep focused.


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