Parisian Fashion More than just a style, its a statement

The word Parisian is not solely limited to simply defining a womans style but rather her lifestyle. It relates to many things including French culture, fashion, attitude and lifestyle.

Parisian fashion revolves around high quality fabrics with a minimalist style. Timeless pieces such as a pair of well fitted jeans or trench coat are a must as they never go out of style. Staple pieces such as a leather jacket or little black dress are also key items that are in every parisian's closet.

Classic striped tee, boyfriend jeans, watch, heels
Black body suit, blazer, boyfriend jeans, heels
White dress with minimal designs, staple leather jacket, heels
An example of a Parisian's staple item

A signature item is a piece of clothing that brings the parisian woman's outfit together and makes her feel strong. It's an item or accessory that she will wear for the rest of her life.

To truly be a Parisian woman you have to have the right attitude, to be strong and confident.

For going out keep it simple and sexy

The Parisian woman is not merely defined as nor limited to her fashion style but rather the way she lives her life.

In the Parisian woman's closet you will find staple pieces such as snug jeans, men's shoes, blazer, ballet flats, silk scarf, a long trench, thick scarf, oversized sweater, oversized shirt, basic t shirt. These are all very good quality yet minimalistic pieces.

Knit sweater, high quality cotton shorts, tights and heels

Parisian fashion is timeless and it will continue to be around for as long as French women are, anyone can live a parisian lifestyle and dress as she does. Though she must always remember that less is more and confidence is more important than the clothes she's wearing.


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