# Goals Branden Jobst P-7

My One year goals

In two years I hope to see where my sister lives in the state of Texas.

Why I would like to see this is because I am very close to my sister.

In two years I hope to have graduated from Thunderbird High School.

I ant to graduate from high school so I can go to college at the University of Arizona.

For college in two years I hope to go to the University of Arizona To get my Sports Medicine degree and Health and Wellness degree.

I want to get my degree in Sports Medicine and Health and Wellness because I want to be an Athletic Trainer.

In one year form now I hope to have a German Shepherd as my dog.

This is a goal of mine because I have always wanted a German Shepherd sense I was a little kid.

My three year goals

In three years from now I hope to play football at the University of Arizona. Also I hope to get a Mac-book Pro. I will then start my mentoring so that I can be a Athletic Trainer. I also hope to have joined the 1,000s club

My five year goals

In five years I hope to get my Sports Medicine, and Health and Wellness Diploma. I would also like to graduate form the University of Arizona. I would like to take a trip to my family's dairy farm in Germany. Then I would like to get a job as an Athletic Trainer.

My ten year goals

In ten years I hope to have gone on a trip to Canada And Germany because they were the places I wanted to go to sense I was a little kid. I want to get my dad his 1972 Camaro because this was his favorite car and he has been an inspiration to me. I also want to get a 2017 Cadillac Escalade because that is my favorite car.


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