Hercules God of Strength and his adventures

The short story of hercules

Hercules was very strong god and was married to Megara, the daughter of Kreo, King of Thebes, and together they had five children. Hercules traveled twice to the underworld and that is what adventures he is know for, and his stories were told throughout Greece and later in Rome, yet his life was far from easy from the moment of his birth, and his relationships with others were often disastrous. This was because Hera, the wife of Zeus, knew that Hercules was her husband's illegitimate son and sought to destroy him. In fact Hercules was born with the name Alcaeus but later got it changed. Hera really wanted hercules dead so she sent serpents to kill him but he strangled them both. Eventually Hercules died due to another's trickery later in his life. To learn more visit this site >http://www.ancient.eu/article/733/ where i got the information.

The staff at the gym!

Hey i'm Hercules and i'm the owner of a the biggest gym in the world! Where you can come and exercise workout and get big and strong like me, i'll be the one dealing with any problems and all the paper work.
This is alcmene, my mother, and she will be a trainer who you can hire and she will help you get in better shape and exercise.
And this is Zeus and he is also apart of my staff too as a manager, oh yeah and he is also my father and he works for me and not the other way around.
This is persephone my half sister and she will work for me to and she will collect all the gym memberships and work at the front desk signing people in and that stuff.
This is my twin brother iphicles and he works at my gym too and he
And this is my good friend Apollo and he needed a job one day so i let him work at my gym and he seems to like it and he is the co-assistant at my gym.

What's the attractions?

We have healthy snack choices with drinks, a indoor swimming pool, a basketball court, and a open field where you can play football or excise and even take breaks and eat your lunch.

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