America By Maijene

I want to know about Hollywood:

Hollywood is a wonderful and famous place where a lot of people make films. Most actors and superstars live there. Hollywood is in California and was established in 1853. Long ago,the Hollywood sign use to be “Hollywoodland” but some people thought that name was too long,so they cut out the word “Land’’ from the sign. In 1928, a car crashed into the sign which mostly damaged the H. The first movie in Hollywood was made in Old California in 1910. Long time ago, Hollywood movies did not have sounds or color, but now movies are longer and there are many talk scene. To make the movies more specific the Hollywood movie makers started putting sounds in the movies. Old movies were short but now movies are 1 and a half hours long or sometimes 2 hours long. When you go on vacation in Hollywood, don’t forget to go to Universal Studios because there you can see the movie sets, and you can go on amazing rides. Those of you who loved to reading Harry Potter books don't forget to check out the theme park.

Thai food vs. American food

I want to know the difference between Los Angeles and Bangkok.

The difference between Los Angeles and Bangkok is that Los Angeles is in America, but Bangkok is in Thailand. People from Los Angeles speaks English but Bangkok people speaks Thai. Thai food is more spicy than American food. Also the time is different, Bangkok is 1 day ahead of Los Angeles. The cost of living in Los Angeles is more expensive than Bangkok. There is around 8 million people living in Bangkok, but in Los Angeles there are around 4 million people.

I want to know how to make a film:

Step 1, Think about the movie, the moral and the situations that the actors have to be in.

Step 2, Discuss it with smart people or your friends or someone that is good with technology.If they agree with your idea then that means that you are on a good start.

Step 3, Hold an audition. If you don’t want other people that you don’t know in the movie, then you can ask your friends to join. To do that you would need a poster and print out a lot of copies. If you are a person who has lots of friends, than you’re in luck. At the same time, you want to find the lights and sound effects person to help you. Ask your parents if they are interested. They would be really delighted that you thought of them and would be happy to help.

Step 4, While you are done choosing your actors, go and write a script then print it out. You can also type it then print it if you want, but you just have to make sure that the characters can read your writing.

Step 5, Edit your writing with every little detail and be specific. Ask your teacher to help you edit to make sure your script makes sense.

Step 6, Start shooting!!! Have fun and enjoy shooting the movie. Remember to take time and be nice to the members that are helping you make the movie.


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