Science Jonathan Bruno

I am going to tell you about myself.I love to study Dinosaurs and like to do experiments and make suggestions about the outcome of the experiment.My favorite experiment was to make the paper boats and test which boat design and see which resource was more useful to making the boats float.

These are a paper boats!

The first semester the Lockheed Martian came to Chisholm Trail and told us about the program,I got a sticker so I got to go on the plane simulator and It was really fun.

This is a F-15
This is a F-14

This year in Science we had conduct experiments and learned how to make scientist predictions to learn if that statement goes with the results like 2 puzzle pieces connected.

By the way my older brother is in the Air force and he was in last years Airshow and did some drills and the other ones did the Airshow using Thunderbirds! Here is a bit from the Airshow!

The things that I had learned in science this year is in a list,here is 1:Chemical changes in the Environment can hurt life or give life a advantage.2:Life is split into sections that classify oraganisims.

All Chemical changes in the real world.

Here is now info about me,my favorite movie is Jurassic World and I love to study dinosaurs and In the future I am planing to go to the Air force,because my older brother who is in the Air force inspired me to keep the generation of going to the Air force ALIVE!!

Aircraft Cargo
Thunderbirds at Airshow


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