Interview by Giacomo Vincenzi

Hi, I'm Giacomo and this is the presentation of my sister!

  • What's your name? My name is Beatrice.
  • When were you born? I was born in 2002 in Italy.
  • What's your favorite sport? My favorite sport is volleyball, but I also like football.
  • What do you do in your freetime? In my freetime I watch TV, read a book or listen to music.
What's your daily Routine

In the morning

I get up at 6.00. Then I havebreakfast at 6.20 with milk and biscuit, finally I go to school ect 7.05.

In the aftenoon

I get back from school at 1.45 I have a snak with pasta.

Finally in the evening

I have dinner with my family we eat somtimes pizza, somtimes salad and chicken. .Then I watch TV at 8.30 and I go to bed at 9.45.

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Giacomo Vincenzi


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