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New England Preparatory School

US Pitchcare performed a renovation to a baseball and soccer field with a total of 4 people over 2 days. After completing the renovation the fields received only 1.05" of rain with no additional irrigation supplementation. The fields were playable in 28 days after the project started.

Scope of Project


Prep-school soccer and baseball fields, suffered from poor field conditions. Suffering through a drought, excessive heat and lack of irrigation, the fields were left with inconsistent turf coverage and compacted soils.

Field safety for the athletes became a major concern.

Visible to the right - poor turf coverage causing field safety issues.
Right of the Fraze mower are the current field conditions.

Project Began on Sept 20th, 2016

US Pitchcare began the renovation incorporating the Campey Imants Field Top Maker.

  • 1200 FTM with Universe Rotor with 10mm blades
  • Depth of Fraze Mowing was about 5/32" or 4mm into the thatch layer. Setting on Fraze Mower was 9986.
The product on the right is a more level field, however the crowns and rhizomes of many of the healthy turf plants remained.

Field Top Maker with Universe Rotor in action.

Upon completion of Fraze Mowing. The field was aerated utilizing the Campey Imants Shockwave.

The incorporation of the Shockwave proved to be an integral part of the renovation.

  • Allowed for increased air and water movement.
  • Released available nutrients for turf recovery.
  • Relieving compaction providing a safer surface for the athletes.
Soccer field aerated with Campey Imants Shockwave.

Shockwave process in slow motion

Following incorporation of the Campey Imants Shockwave, the field was slit-seeded three directions for a total seeding rate of 8lbs/1000 sqft. The seed used was a 70/30 Perennial Ryegrass/Kentucky Bluegrass blend.

Field after seeding

Following the completion of the renovation on September 22, the fields received NO supplemental irrigation. Only water the fields received were from rain totaling 1.05" in 28 days.

September calendar. Days in BLUE were rain events.
October calendar. Days in BLUE were rain events.

28 Days after renovation

Both the baseball and soccer fields were ready for practice and play.

Baseball field
Turf density and uniformity 28 days after renovation

Aqua•Aid is the official North American Importer for Campey Imants

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