Retrieval Practice Self-Study Common Exhibit for Learning Objective #3

I'm not the best person to come to when preparing for a test. I have probably the worst study habits and techniques. I've always been use to just skimming over the lesson the night before or in some cases the day of the test. Being in college I've had to make adjustments to my method. High school to college is like training wheels to a big kid bike, it's a big change. It takes a while to adjust but it's worth it in the long run.

I will be using three studying techniques that I don't usually use. My three techniques will be flash cards, recite and record, and group quizzing.


I chose to use flash cards for my Ag mech test. I used flash cards to help me remember all of my terms on the test. I used the flash cards for one hour a day, for two weeks. Before using flash cards I made a 70 on my test but after using flash cards for a while I made an 85. This was a huge increase from my previous test. I used the flash cards by putting a term or word on one side and writing what it meant on the other. I would then look at the term, say what it meant, and turn it over to see if I was right.


My second technique is recite and record. I will be using this method with my accounting class. I ready my notes for accounting out loud and then recorded them on my phone. I did this for a little over a week, two hours a day and it helped my more than I can explain on my test. My previous test grade was a 77 and after studying with this technique I made a 86.


The last one I will use is group quizzing. I haven't did something like this since elementary school. I used group quizzing for my math class. I did this for about a week doing it an hour a day. Group quizzing was great because if we got a question wrong then someone in the group usually knew what the right answer was. I think group quizzing is great because everyone is working together and thinking of new ways to retain the information.


The group quizzing probably worked the best for me. We played a game of jeopardy to make the studying better. Putting it into a game perspective made me want to study even more. This improved my grade and my confidence. It made me realize that when you made studying a game, it's much more fun and interesting because it's something I like. I was so use to not studying in high school that I transitioned those same study habits to college. It's extremely hard to break those habits when you've been doing them for your whole high school career.


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