Monito Gecko (Sphaerodactylus micropithecus) By:Jetta oskirko

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Description: The Monito Gecko is a species of gecko endemic to the island of Monito in Puerto Rico. It is light-grey with dark spots around its body. The maximum length of the Monito Gecko is 36 mm. The Gecko is related to the Mona Dwarf Gecko.

Mona Dwarf Gecko

Habitat: The Monito Gecko is only found on the Monito Island in Puerto Rico. It is 3 miles northwest of Mona Island which is where its relative lives.

Niche: The Monito Gecko sun bathes on rock piles and uses the rocks and plants on the island to hide from predators. The geckos have the ability to adapt to several habitats including deserts and jungles.

Food Web:


These are a few examples of threats to the Monito Geckos. Rats appeared on the island of Monito and decreased the population. Also, the U.S. had bombing practices after World War 2 that destroyed gecko habitats.

Solutions: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is making a proposal based on the Endangered Species Act of 1973.

This proposal labels the Monito Gecko as endangered and the Monito island as a Critical Habitat.

This will provide the gecko protection from being taken for studies.

Another solution is the eradication of the rats in Monito Island.

There is a rat extermination experiment that is being requested to the Puerto Rico Department of Natural Resources and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services.

The hope is to get all of the rats out of Monito Island so that the population of Monito Geckos stops decreasing.

I think that exterminating the rats is the best solution.

Getting this solution through the government would be an easier process than trying to keep all danger away from the geckos.

Having a big exterminating company help get all the rats out of the island wouldn't be a huge problem for the government to handle.

Lastly, the way the exterminators get the rats out is extremely important. If the chemicals used are dangerous for the geckos than of course they should not use it. But I think that there would be a easy way for the rats to be taken out of the island.

The Monito gecko is a very beautiful but rare creature. I think that the very few that are left deserve a chance at life. These creatures don't do any harm to their environment and the main problem for their endangerment is the rats that are killing them. This is an easy fix that should be considered by everyone.


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