Schizophrenia By Estrella ✨ De La Cruz

Gene: The Gene of schizophrenia is called C4 it eliminates connections between neurons

What are the symptoms? The symptoms are anger ,anxiety, amnesia,social isolation, mood changes ,hallucinations and disorganized speech.

Complications :Suicide is one of the primary causes of death for individuals with schizophrenia. There are several factors which contribute to suicide risk in schizophrenia. These include psychotic symptoms, such as voices telling the person to kill himself/herself

Inheritance: It is if your parents have schizophrenia you have a 50% of getting it and if you have a twin a 25%

Detection of carriers treatment (care,cure,prevention) you can prevent it if you know your family has history of mental illness by getting an early treatment and schizophrenia does not have a cure but with treatment they can get better

Two interesting facts about schizophrenia: Some interesting things are that people with schizophrenia don't have a split personality also 1% of the population (2.2 million Americans ) will develop schizophrenia and Sometimes people with schizophrenia have “delusions of grandeur” in which they believe that they are exalted persons such as Jesus or Moses.

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