Elements and priciples Issac Nicholson


Line:A piece of a picture to make it all{the artist used lines to make ripples in the water}

Shape:Lines connected together to form an object like a square or a triangle{the artist used multiple circles to form clouds}

Value:Giving an object depth making it look almost 3-D{the artist added black to the tree to make it look 3-D

Color:Pigments used to make a picture look colorful or dull{the artist used diffrent pigments of green to make it look bright yet real

Texture:The way something feels or looks{The artist used lighter colors to make the water look almost transparent

Form:The shape of something{the artist use form to show that the objects are triangle,square and circle

Space:Distance between different objects in the piece{the artist used negitive space to maake it look like there are men and women legs


Movement: Movement is the path the eye takes when looking at a picture

Rhythm:this is when a certin part of the piece occours again and again

Balance:the way the elements of art are arranged

Unity:This make the piece seem whole{Art Piece:the great wave

Emphaisis:This is the focus point it draws attention to a certian point in the picture

Contrast:Arrangment of oppisite elements

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