Saker Falcon By: Michael Downs

Saker Falcon divebombing

The Saker Falcon a beautiful animal they have a great coloration and are very intimidating. These animals are not a harm to the environment so their should be no reason that they are endangered. The Falcon can dive bomb at speeds up to 200 miles per hour which makes the Falcon the fastest animal on Earth. They even could be helping the environment they instead of making their own nest they use an old nest of another bird to lay their eggs. The animal is very beautiful and that is it's one downfall the amazing coloration of the animal makes it a very high target to sell on the black market.

Many people know this Falcon as the Saker Falcon its scientific name is the Falco Cherrug. It can be found in Central Europe. Remaining now there are about 13000 Saker Falcons in the population. They live in a Desert enviromemt. They eat small mammals such as hares and are eaten by larger mammals such as mountain lions. They have 3 to six offspring and they breed in Asia.

What the Falcon does is extremely amazing dive bombing at 200 miles per hour would kill any other animals. The Falcon has a very thick strong skull to protect it from these winds. It aslso has guard feathers that are disposable that protect the animals original feathers. The animal has thick long talons making it easy for them to grab prey at these high speeds. One amazing thing about the Falcons are their form. They have this divebomb form that increases their speed tenfold. Overall this Falcon has made some remarkable adaptations.

Think of the human population seven billion imagine that was only 13,000. That's crazy nothing would get done that is what's happening to this wonderful creature. 13,000 is nothing in this huge world. And although they are rising in population it is not enough. We have cut down over two thirds of our natural forests in the Us. Imagine someone came into your Neighborhood and broke down two thirds of the houses. Or even if you were being bought and sold like a piece of property not like a free being. That is what is happening to these magnificent animals. We need to crack down on cutting down forests because we are living because of them one tree can house dozens of animals at one time. We also need to stop the illegal black market this is killing animals every single day.

Falcon organization symbols

Overall endangered animals are a serious problem around the world. Would you want all humans to die? Think of it like that these animal help our environment. Without them food chains would get messed up. Whole food webs could crash. Without preadators prey would get overpopulated and ruin things. We need these populations to keep things in check. We are ruining natural things that the world had intended. We need to stop destroying what was ment to be.

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