Types of Plate Boundaries By ZaRiah

Divergent Boundarys

Oceanic divergent plates move away form each other, which causes tension which causes ocean ridges , volcanoes, but also makes new crust.

Continental divergent plates move away from eachvother

The picture at the pot of the grid is one of the many cracks in the Mid- ocean ridge and the pictures on the bottom is The Turtle Pits site on the mid-Atlantic Ridge, that is a black smoker chimney
This is Smokes Ridge it is an under sea volcano that is near the Mid- ocean ridge that erupted is 2002

Convergent plate Boundary

Continental plate boundaries is when both continental crust collide, Some of the land form are Mountains and some of the mountains the have created are the Himalayas and the Andes

Oceanic plate boundaries is when oceanic and continental crust and oceanic crust sinks under which causes volcanoes , some of the volcanoes it created is the Mt Rainer and Mt St Helen

on the left is Mt St Helen and on the right is Mt Rainier

Transform Plate Boundary's

Transform boundaries happens when two plate side horizontally causes earthquakes and faults.Some of the major transform boundaries are the San Andreas and San Ramón Fault

on the left os the San Ramón Fault and on the right is the San Andreas fault


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