Introducing The Concept Suite in Nicola de la Haye NDH3028

"…blurring the boundaries between disciplines, between formal and informal learning, and between learning and creative practice."

A new innovative digitally enhanced active learning space for up to 25 students

Guiding principles for the room

  • Encourage dispersed group teaching
  • Provide flexible focus points
  • Support active learning
  • Blur sense of ‘presence’ virtually and physically
What's available?

Phase 1: 2019/20

Smart lighting offering you far greater choice, influencing mood as well as brightness

Positioned on a flexible grid, enabling easy relocation and layout change

Pre-set lighting arrangements controlled from an iPad

See this article about the impact of different colours on learning

"Lights allowed me to create different atmosphere according to the topics discussed"
"Students really loved the feature, it made them more open towards certain topics and be more creative"

Staff feedback (Sept 2019)

Large Digital Interaction Wall

With 'casting' support and lecture recording

"It was useful to have two screens - one for collaborate and one for the presentation."
"Meant that I could monitor the online students at the same time (hybrid delivery)"

Staff feedback (Sept 2019)

Active Learning Space with Flexible Walls and Furniture

Including storage space for equipment and bags to help keep the room clutter free

And two portable powerhubs, for recharging your devices or to use as ad hoc podiums

PowerHub shown standalone and integrated within circular group tables
"The space was good with options for small group work"
"Whiteboards were brilliant as they got students engaged in getting ideas down quickly and intuitively whilst also allowing them to save the work."

Staff feedback (Sep 2019)

Collaboration technologies for small groups (x3)

"The space is light and airy, the tables are excellent for group work and the Samsung Flips work well for group work."
"Students' feedback was very positive"

Staff feedback (Sept 2019)

Bookable from Sept 2019

To submit a request to use this space for teaching please email your School Timetabler and roombookings@lincoln.ac.uk, with the module code and title of what you want to schedule.

For more information

email digitaleducation@lincoln.ac.uk

Created By
Andy Beggan


Created with an image by Pexels - "concept man papers"