3) Photo Editing Lesson Learning editing photos

I have always loved this sepia tone for some pictures. Gives it that old time photo feel. I also love the rule of thirds and leading lines look in here. The gazebo, sign and front frame of the building gives it the look of both. The rule of thirds makes each third appear a bit closer. The leading lines draw my eye towards that beautiful gazebo.
I love this sunset by the river. These trees follow the rule of thirds rule sharing the beautiful sky.
This beautiful Kaleidoscope twist on my above sunset skyline was so pretty.
My fur kitties with Spring fever enjoying the windows open for a bit today. (2/19)
I did this with the embossing feature which I like how it made their fur look more life like. I also used the vignette that gave a smokey black edge to the outside edge.
A favorite spot to enjoy the beauty. I was enjoying a quiet walk in the drizzle of the rain.
I used the Old filter to give that vintage feel and then used the vignette for the smokey edge.

I used this website that I found in a Google search. https://pixlr.com/editor/ It was so easy to use! Just add a photo you want to edit and use the filter option. I have just started playing with the other features. Take some time to learn those but I was glad the filters made a few options so simple, like editing for dummies!

The beauty of fall color against the blue sky!
On http://fotoflexer.com/ I used a brighter color filter to highlight the beautiful color and difference of the tree and sky even more. Then I use a border filter to give the smokey look.
Our first wedding dance.
I really dislike the odd yellowish areas on our faces. But I like the old time blurry look in the middle and on the border.
I just couldn't help myself! I LOVE Snoopy!
I figured why not cartoonize this one! I just really don't care for any of the funky disfigurement it did to my face.
I could not help myself again! LOVE Snoopy!!
I love the bright colorization of this one! I made it bright with the color filter then made it blurry towards the outsides and sharpened the picture and applied the old photo border.
Riding the Tilt-a-Whirl, a few times in a row, round 1.
Riding the Tilt-a-Whirl, a few times in a row, as we always do. Round 2.
This is called Patchwork and I love it on the next photo. Just not on this first one.
This photo in Patchwork turned out really cool and unique and I really like it.

Between the pixlr.com and FotoFlezer I really liked the pixlr better. I thought it was easier to figure it out and play with the options. I would use it again for sure!

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Lisa Scheechel


Wedding shot from Senta's Images. All other images are my own. **PLEASE DO NOT COPY

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