Lift Bridge Publishing FAQ'S

Before the Book Submission

Should my book be complete before submitting it to Lift Bridge Publishing?

Yes, Lift Bridge Publishing will only accept the final manuscript for publishing. All books must be in the correct order and edited for submission. There will only be one revision during the e-proof phase which will allow authors to make suggestions for the layout only. All manuscripts must be submitted as a word document. Any text modification made after initial submission will have a $150 fee.

What should I include in my book?

Some authors like to include an acknowledgement, dedication, and/or about the author page. This is not a requirement.

What kind of publishing is Lift Bridge Publishing?

Lift Bridge Publishing is a hybrid publishing company. All packages are purchased, but authors will obtain all rights and royalties.

What retailers are partnered with Lift Bridge Publishing?

Kindle, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Lift Bridge Publishing. Once your book is published, it is released within a retailer channel. Once your book is released into the retailer channel, it is made available for all resellers to sell the book for the price of their choice

What is the distribution fee for retailers?

Retailers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble, require a 20% distribution fee for books to be available through their retailer channels. The 20% fee will be reflected in book royalty statements.

Who is our book distributor?

Ingram Book Content

Who sets the price of my book?

The author sets the price of the book

What type of books will Lift Bridge Publishing not accept?

Lift Bridge Publishing will not accept books that have obscene, profanity, or erotica content.

Should I provide my own illustrations?

Lift Bridge Publishing does provide illustrators for those who need illustrations.

Is my book returnable?

All books are made non-returnable. To make your book returnable, you may request a form from our author consultant. To make your book returnable, there is a fee.

Does Lift Bridge Publishing edit my book?

Lift Bridge Publishing offer editing services, however, we are not responsible for editing your final manuscript. We do not edit the final manuscript and suggest all authors go through a professional editor before submitting.

During Production

How will I know what phase my book is in?

Your author consultant will send you phase updates by email. Our team will use the information provided in your author information form for book size and detailed information.

How will I pay my Publish Now Payments?

Your first payment is made after you sign your contract. All other payments will be made through invoices sent by Lift Bridge Publishing that can only be paid through the form of a credit card.

What should I expect while my book is production?

While your book is in production, our team communicates primarily through email with updates. You may go through a period of 2-3 weeks in our production phase without an update as we are updating your interior and designing your book.

What happens when I receive my e-proof?

Your e-proof is what your interior book will look like before it goes to print. You will also receive a book wrap of your book. All e-proofs will through AnyFlip or PDF for book cover wraps. We ask that you review your e-proof and take a minimum of 2 days to review before signing off on book to go to print. Lift Bridge Publishing will not accept new material for books in the e-proof phase without signing a resubmission form and paying a resubmission fee. All approvals in the e-proof phase is an entire approval for the book. If there are any changes to your book, you must resubmit your entire manuscript to us with the changes within the document.

What happens when I sign off for my book to go to print?

You are giving Lift Bridge Publishing permission to send your book to print. Any changes beyond that will begin with a $150 modification fee and up.

How will I price my book?

In the book pricing phase, all authors will receive a print charge from their author consultant. The author consultant will also provide a suggested retail pricing to assist the author to make a sound decision for the pricing of their book.

Should I set-up book signings now?

Lift Bridge Publishing suggest authors set up book signings after they have received their complimentary copies

What happens when my book is approved for print?

Your book will be submitted to generate copies for your complimentary copies and enrolled for retail distribution

What if I have changes to make after receiving my printed copy?

There is a fee to make changes to the book or book cover beginning with a $150 resubmission charge. All other charges will be sent to author depending on what needed modification.

After Your Book is Published

How long will it be for my book to show up on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Lift Bridge Publishing?

We ask that you give retailers up to 2 weeks after your book is officially published to become visible or have CORRECT book information. It takes a few days for retailer channels to refresh your book into their system

Amazon has my book for a different price, why?

This is very possible as your book is submitted into a retailer channel giving resellers the right to sell your book for whatever price they like as a reseller. It’s kind of like reselling a pillow on Amazon or EBAY…we can both sell the exact same pillow but at whatever price we would like to list it. However, if sold from their resellers, they would have had to purchase the book through our distributor Ingram which will show up in your royalty statement.

Why does Amazon show my book as out of stock?

Amazon is just one retailer that either hasn’t refreshed their retailer feeds or haven’t restocked your book into the warehouse. Amazon can choose which titles they would like to house inside of their warehouses and most of the time, that is determined by book sales. It is out of Lift Bridge Publishing’s control on what Amazon feature. Books that are housed in the warehouse is what is featured as Prime shipping.

If I am on a payment plan, will my book still go to print without paying the final payment?

If you are on the Publish Now Payment plan, your book may be approved in the final phase, but no books can go to print without the final payment satisfied.

When and where can I reorder books?

We suggest all authors order books for book signings two weeks in advanced. Hardcover books take longer for books to print. When preparing for a book signing, you can order books through our website www.lbpub.com and click on the Author Reorder link. When ordering books, please list the shipping address on the form.

How many books can I order?

Our printers are print on demand books, you can order one book or thousands at one time

When can I expect to get paid royalties?

All royalty statements are sent out quarterly and the check payments are sent 30 days after the royalty statement.

How do I know my book’s rank?

Amazon has a feature on their page where your book is featured where you can see your rank within your book’s information

What if I want assistance with book marketing and book tours?

Lift Bridge Publishing offer those services. You can request a consultation through our services page.

What if I want to remove my book from retailer channels, change the price of my book or description?

You can email those changes to info@liftbridgepublishing.com

What happens with my author consultant once I’m published?

Our author consultants are only assigned to authors in the production phase. Once your book is out of production and officially published, you will then be assigned to our help desk support. Your help desk support can be reached through info@liftbridgepublishing.com

What does the Holiday Schedule mean?

During the months of November 1st-December 31st, books printing and shipping are on a Holiday Schedule. Book printing is at a 7-14 business days and the rush and express shipping options are no longer available.

What happens when I change my mailing address?

Notify Lift Bridge Publishing immediately by emailing info@liftbridgepublishing.com so that you will receive your payments without interruption.

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