Climate Change Will Bring Wetter Storms in U.S. By TATIANA SCHLOSSBERG Tnyt

Article overview

There is a present fear that many are seeing unfold right before their eyes. As climate change intensifies, it is changing the environment around us drastically. Scientists have seen a correlation in the increase of green house gases and the amount of droughts and flash flooding. Now there are efforts being made to track the amount of precipitation and the increase of it.

Storms have become 5 times more frequent with 70% more rain in recent years due to the high emissions of green house gases. This will only get worse and more intense if this continues.

Can you list at least 5 ways that we could help reduce this increase of precitation? Think of ways that people can reduce green house gas emissions!

The issues that come with the increase of precipitation are things like flooding in people's homes, farms (water logged soil makes it hard to grow any sort of crop) and other places that people make their livelihood.

Overview: The issue of increased precipitation was not only bringing up issues of risking the environments of many but also issues of increased green house gas emissions. This issue will open the eyes of many to the rising issues of humans quickly diminishing their and others environments.


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