Florida Museum of Natural History Laura Cordero

Nature on Display

I found this exhibit interesting because it showed the contrast of the different sharks and their sizes. I also found this exhibit to be really impressive because I would've never imagined sharks mouth to be that huge. I had previously heard about and seen on TV the immensity of the megalodon but I didn't really connect it until I saw this exhibit. I am more interested in marine life rather than land creatures which is another reason why this exhibit caught my attention. Overall, I think the best part of the museum is that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Nature and Ethics

This is a picture taken in the butterfly garden part of the exhibit. The butterfly garden allows for interaction with nature that many of us don't experience anymore because we prefer to stay indoors. This exhibit did allow to love, respect and admire nature. Like most people, I was amazed in the museum by some of the amazing creatures that we take for granted. As I went through the museum, I thought about all the unique creatures that I didn't know existed before going to the museum and there are probably many more that I still don't know. I think by teaching the visitors, the museum is able to connect with its guests. Also as we learn about the museum, we feel a responsibility to protect the animals we saw in the museum.

Nature & the Human Spirit

Typically when one wants to connect with nature, they will go out to a park or maybe a zoo. The benefit of going to this museum was that we got to see the remains of many of the animals that are now extinct and this isn't something that can be seen everyday. This helps us better understand who we are as individuals because we can see how far we as humans have progressed. The mystery of the past and the animals that once lived create a bigger sense of appreciation because you never know when one of the species that we have today might become extinct.

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