No Respect By: Patryk Porabik

The Question and answer it was a Tuesday night, I was in my room getting ready for basketball. As soon as I was done I opened the door to ask my dad to bring me to basketball practice and noticed my dad sitting on the couch watching some TV and then asked him to bring me to my basketball practice in Pawtucket as soon as I asked he had thought about what to say then replied with a big NO.

The Freak out So I asked why not with my heart beating and my anger building up. Then he had replied with more than one excuse one was it going to began to snow hard in a little while and also that it was a long car drive. I had replied with more back talk only because the coaches really wanted to go because the coaches have been asking me to go because I played last year and they wanted me to come back. Before all of this I had already missed the tryouts and some practices, that's why they wanted me there so bad to see me play. When i had remember that's why I was supposed to go I got really mad because not only were the coaches looking forward for me to come to the practices but I was as well. At this point my anger was passed its boiling point and I wouldn’t be mad if he was busy but because he was on the couch that really made me mad, then without thinking I started flipping out no longer than 15 seconds he had started yelling at me, faster than you know it we were going back and forth like two dogs barking at each other.

The last laugh Which in my opinion is really funny. Now you maybe asking yourself why is it funny to you. My reply is because when we argue he tries to speak English and it's funny because he mixes words up and he says things out of place which sounds funny. After our exchange he had said no. Then when I didn't want to talk anymore I walked to my room in anger and slammed the door so he would get how mad i was, then got undress and in my mind I was think what I shoud do to get him back. Then after about 15 to 30 of thinking, I thought of the perfect idea. That idea is that when he asked me for help i wouldn’t help him to show him how I felt. You guys might be asking yourself why didn't I ask my mom. Well I didn't ask her BECAUSE SHE WASN'T HOME, and I wasn't going to walk to pawtucket because that would take me forever. so I was forced to stay home. So after this night I didn’t talk nor acknowledge him for about 24 to 48 hours only because this was the second time he's done this. Which had gotten me to get really mad at him. Now I hope that he learned not to do that anymore.

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