Tattoos on the Heart Project Erica Fenn

Chapter 1- God, I Guess: I think that the theme of this chapter is that God is always there for us. This is an important thing to remember because we usually get caught up in all of our problems and we forget to turn to God for help. My favorite story from this chapter is the story of Ceaser. I think that this is such a heart touching story because we are all kind of like Ceaser, we all just want to be wanted. He goes up to people just to make a comment and he scars them! When he calls Fr. G he just wants the feeling of being someone's son. We get that confirmation from God and our parents everyday.
Chapter 2- Dis-Grace: I think that the theme of this chapter is being proud of someone or something you did instead of being a disgrace. I think the story of Lula reflects this the best. Lula was so proud of himself because he had no abcenses yet he had all Fs. Now, most people would be so disappointed because they had all Fs, but Lula found the one good part in the report card. I need to learn to apply the kind of mind set that Lula has to my life because I usually find the worst in everything I do.
Chapter 5- Slow Work: I think the theme of this chapter means to try your hardest to achieve the impossible. I think that Joey's story reflects this theme the best. He worked his hardest to clean up his life and get a job, even though he didn't like the job. He gave up drug dealing and everything else because he was going to have a son soon and he wanted to be a good dad. I think this is super powerful and we should all learn from this. No matter what our reason is or what we are trying to achieve, if we are patient it will happen.

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