The journey of my life... By nicolette brady

I, Emmy, began my incredible journey in the dark layer of groundwater.

After accumulating at the bottom of the ground water I began to to sink into the lake, which then later started to rush around sending me to the raging river....

After landing in the mucky, gross, river waters, I was being pushed around by the force of of the current that then shot me all the way into the saltwater ocean...

After I ended up in the radiating ocean and was swimming around, for about a hour, I was beginning to rise up into the fluffy white clouds...

I later landed in the fluffy clouds, not knowing were to go,or what too do, so I just decided, to wander around and try to find a opening that I could take to go home.....but all I later found was a big, red sign, in front of a tall, wide door, that said " STOP, do not enter......" But because I had to be my unaware,stubborn and nosy self, I had to open the door, not realizing it could lead me home...

"Caboom " the whole cloud started shaking once I opened the door...sending rain drops, and me across seas, mountains, and woods
" boom, crash,cabamm"

After about a hour of flying around the sky I finally landed in the lake, once again....

But the lake that I landed in wasn't like the other ones I've been in befor , it had cliffs and river hook on the side of the border of the strange body of water,and giant cliff drop, that I was heading for,also known as a waterfall! "Ahhhhhhhhhhh" I yelled in fear which was quite strange,because raindrop as my self don't get physically hurt, so I kept going trying to remember that I can't get hurt in the water because I am also water and to just to be brave....

When I reached the beginning of the waterfall and the end of the clam flow,it began to get vary rough, very quickly. Which then trance formed in to a vary narrow and rough lane.

But when I reached the soft flowing part of the river I then noticed that there was a young tiger splashing the water ahead of me and that there were other raindrops nearby, and that needed some help of getting out of the mud so I quickly decided that I most go and help so I swam as fast as I could until realized that the tiger had started to drink the water around me ,and finally had drunken me up with many other rain drops.

I had to find a way out of this strange wet place, luckily I had been left in the mouth and not in the stomach unlike my other palls.....There had been a opening in between the tigers two teeth and it was big enough for me to fit though, I climbed out and jumped right back into the rushing mucky waters.

As I egnored the rough water as I was being pushed and thrown around until I couldn't handle it any longer and dicided to turn my angle so that I would be able to change my route and go somewhere more nice and wants I did so, I began to descend into the bottom of the water,pebbles,allege,and river life until I realized that I was back home just not with my family, so I began to make a passageway to the clearing that the other rain drops had made in order to get through to the other side which was the ocean,


I had found my family, back at the thick, dirty ground water,which was so relieved to see me and know that I was ok,

" where were you and what happened " her mom concerning question .

" well, first off I was at the groundwater....then the lake....after that the river....." Emmy answered.

They soon discovered that they need to keep a better eye on there Child,Emmy .....the end

Created By
Nicolette Brady

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