BRIAN WILSON how he influenced American culture

The 1960s were a time where the culture in America was heavily influenced by artists, actors, and athletes. and No artist of the time was more influential than brian wilson and the beach boys. He changed the way music was produced and written, and influenced many artists of his era and the modern era with his cutting edge musical creations.
In a world where the production of music was the same throughout almost every genre, Wilson changed that and did things people had never done before. Wilson himself said that his best creative ideas came when he was “using instruments as voices and voices as instruments."


Some of the revolutionary things he did during this time, were not popular with the public when the music was released, but as time has gone on, his album Pet Sounds, has become known as one of the greatest rock albums of all time.
Wilson working on the recording of Pet Sounds.
in the 60s, Wilson would arrange a group of studio musicians that he always used when making an album. Wilson is shown working with the same musicians for countless hours on many different projects. These musicians began to shape the creativity of Wilson and began to inspire him to do innovative things with his music because he knew he had a band that he could trust.
There were many artists during the era of The Beach Boys that influenced American culture. But not very many of them were able to make that music last past the time that they were making music.

Wilson and his band mates began to do things that were unheard of in the music world of the 60s, but now you couldn’t walk into a studio anywhere without seeing the production styles and ideas that he created. That was what Brian Wilson did, he created things that other people couldn’t create, and he put his feelings down on paper and translated them into timeless music. That was and still is, the genius of Brian Wilson.

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