Bombay National History Society By Shiyi Khoo


Biotic and abiotic factors

The biotic factors are squirrels🐿,snakes,frogs,🐸birds,turtles🐢,butterfly's,crabs,monkeys🐒,gallecidia tree,butterfly host plant and many more.

The Abiotic factors are soil,sunlight☀️,moisture,temperature,rocks and water 💦


Symbiotic relationships

Mutualism-the flower and the butterfly:when the butterfly sucks nectar from the flower and in return the flower gets pollinated.++😁😁

Commensalism-the leaf and the insect:the leaf is not harmed but the insect is happy ++😃😑

Predation-the praying mantis and the butterfly:the praying mantis eats the dead butterfly.

Issues affecting your place

1)global warming:it causes to trap heat

2)humanly egnited fire:positive and negative-sometimes plants can survive in the fire and it actually benefits its also bad because it also kills animals.

3)Noise making from film city

4)film city garbage


1-make use of paper

2-plant trees

3-don't buy lands

4-don't waste natural resources

ThIs is a type of a bird this is thEir home.they have a home like us .like separate a bedroom and a kitchen.

This is where we explored different bird noises.


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