Smallpox A virus that Changed history

The less gruesome picture

Smallpox is a virus. The symptoms are blindness, scarring, on the outside of your body you get blisters and or death.

This is a picture of the smallpox vaccine. Which was invited by Edward Jenner. Smallpox is not around anymore. This virus went away in 1980.

This is Francisco Pizarro. Pizarro had a team of 168. The conquistadors were generations ahead of Atahualpa army. Pizarro and his army were from Spain which is E-W. When Pizarro came over to Peru he brought smallpox. The conquistadors were considered gods.

This is Atahualpa the INCA were not resistant to smallpox. When Pizzarro came he gave smallpox to Peru. Atahualpa army was way behind technology wise, they had bronze weapons and the conquistadors had metal and steel. Atahualpa people were dying before they came. The Inca were so blindsided by them looking like gods that they didn't even notice how dangerous they were or how contagious. Many Inca died from smallpox.

Smallpox hasn't real impact America because it's not around anymore. For a while people has to get smallpox vaccine.


Images from image quest

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