Reform Movements By Sarah and Divine--P.7

The Second Great Awakening (one of the foundations of reform)

By the beginning of the 19th century, traditional Christian beliefs were held in less favor by numerous educated Americans. A countervailing tendency was underway, however, in the form of a tremendous religious revival that spread westward during the century's first half. It coincided with the nation's population growth from five to 30 million and the boundary's westward movement.


What they are: people of both black and white who spoke out and disagreed with slavery saying that there should be equality for all of man.

Abolitionist are people who didn't believe in slavery. They thought that slavery. They helped during the under ground railroad and many famous figures today like Frederick Douglass, and many other people.

Women's Rights

Women's rights are widely protested today they have been for a long time. Lucretia Matt was a big support of women's rights back in the reform movement. She went to an Anti-Slavery Convention and weren't allowed to talk. They were sectioned off from the man and didn't have a say in a very Important issue

Prison Reform

The prison reform was a big issue regarding mental issues. Dorothea Dix lead a Sunday schools in a jail. She saw some very disturbing things. She issued a report to the Massachusetts legislature and they voted to make mental hospitals to the mentally ill.


In 1820, the Temperace movement began due to the widespread of alcohol abuse in the country. The movement was a campaign agaibst the sale or drinking of any alcohol. In 1850, Maine became the first state to ban drinking, other state later following.

Public Education

In mid-1800s very little children attended school as it was too expensive for their families to afford when then came Horace Mann the "father of American public schools". He served on the head of the board and spoke to people of the importance of school. Eventually, the vote came to be that the people would pay taxes in order for children to go to school, however; still many girls were unable to go to high school or college.

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